Wednesday, October 10, 2007


OCTOBER 09, 2007
Four decades have passed. Che, I see you occasionally; on the cover of an old Latin book, a withering portrait in a gift shop or on the tee of a young man prances by me, oblivious about himself. You are cool to many, an icon of style. If any of them would know a bit about you, Che. Now here is fall. Leaves are turning red, your favourite color. The color of revolution. The sky is glum today, October 09, 2007. I am sitting in a park, a sky of shining memories barricaded by the mundane and marginal existence of present. The wind still blows around me churning a hope within me. Che, I can see thousands of young souls prance by me singing in unison:
'We all are Che…We shall overcome someday….’

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