Tuesday, December 25, 2007

When Politicians falter Vultures swoop in

When politicians fail, political system gets dead and rotten within, and then starts the partying of vultures. That is what happening in Bangladesh now. Pugnacious politicians made democratic governance dysfunctional. They have made Bangladesh the most corrupt country in global context. They have augmented ‘Caretaker Government’ proviso in the constitution highlighting politicians’ inability or unwillingness to rotate power among political parties responding to people’s choice. Above events constitute a manifesto of doomed politics and politicians are being squarely blamed for all these. Who will rescue the nation from this insanity and chaos? The saviour is very familiar to us; military. Our holy military will suddenly appear from behind the bush to rescue our people and our nation from political Hannibal and cancerous corruption. But, when we analyze the root cause of failures of our politicians, then this sweet singing cockatoos turns out to be a stinging vulture in guise. Political system in our country; is it supposed to have inherent suicidal tendency? Or, euthanasia drug is always externally induced to force it to die? And then the vultures swoop in to feast on the carcass of politics. As opposed to so-painted criminal politicians, how holy and clean are our military Generals morally, financially and politically? Our defaced politicians of the pro-liberation camp, the targeted victims of every martial law stampede, so far has failed to raise this very vital issue leaving this organized thugs in a vantage position with a ‘sanctified basil leaf’ image. But the issue has surprisingly popped up in public radar this time.

Mid-August 1975, politics of the nascent country experienced a seismic shift. That was the true and tragic end of the sojourn of democracy in Bangladesh. Bangladesh was forced to bypass 1971 and was surgically re-connected with the immoral martial law legacy of Pakistan. General Zia, the chief architect of 75 tragedy and currently national hero, as defined by the present Junta, pledged to bring about prosperity, true democracy and to make politics difficult for politicians. Since then, politics, democracy, economics, commerce, sociology, theology, culture, history; truly, every component of the Republic of Bangladesh is being controlled by the Oligarchs sitting in the cantonment. Red to kill Red. A mediocre Sector commander of our liberation war, General Zia, whose message from Kalurghat Radio Station on March 27, 1971 added enormous impetus to our liberation struggle in those early difficult days, got swayed by Saudi-American temptation, agreed to take the charge of abattoir to butcher the genesis of Bangladesh, to wipe out freedom fighters and to shred the constitution written by the blood of millions. He went on to eliminate four foundation pillar of the state; democracy, secularism, Bangalee nationalism and socialism. He, breaching constitution, reinstated Jammat-E-Islami and thus cultivated and nurtured poison ivy of faith based politics in the political landscape of Bangladesh. BNP is his brainchild incubated in the Cantonment. It is more of an anti-thesis of politics, fascist platform with eclectic collection of left-right politicians, derelict freedom fighters, anti-71 intellectuals, former and in-service army officers and bureaucrats. Zia injected enormous amount of money, received from the Middle East, in our political market and bartered loyalty of mostly Bhashani followers and rightist pro-Pakistani politicians for money. Thus very skilfully Zia masterminded confrontational politics between two perpetually opposed ideological camps of the war; one clinging to the spirit of our political legacy emanating from our liberation war, and the other is the physical and spiritual resurrection of the defeated forces of 1971, being mentored by Pakistan-Saudi-USA nexus. Political travail has been continuing ever since.

The entry of General Ershad into our national politics was creepy, clownish and surreptitious as opposed to Zia’s, which was marred by revengeful bloodshed. Like his guru General Zia, Ershad also initially reiterated to the nation his nil ambition in politics. He scripted his agenda to rid Bangladesh of corruption, to correct democratic institutions, to utilize army in a more meaningful way for national reconstruction. Most of the Maoist politicians like Toaha, Enayetullah, political scientists like ASM Rab and Zalil, intellectuals like Dr. Abu Mahmud of Dhaka University invented virtues in Ershad’s paradigm and extended tacit support to the Junta. Ershad, a debauch debonair in personal life, validated Islamic politics in the constitution and blanketed whole nation with corruption and deception. Ershad patented a unique elixir of politics with the ingredients of power, religion, business, literature and romance, which kept him virile to rule the country.

General Moeen, apparently next martial President in the line, is not as much clean and modest as his predecessor Generals used to look like in first year of their ascension to power. General Zia has exited leaving behind nearly nothing in material except his nymphet woman and two star sons imbued by his ideology. If you remember the modest beginning of the career of General Ershad as a martial law junta riding bike to office. The end of his career is another history though. General Moeen’s debut into politics is truly identical to his predecessors; self-appointed head of national crisis management team, lots of stunts and demagogy on democracy, politics and annihilation of corruption and politics. But already rumour is spreading like fire; he has acquired using his clout a loan of about Taka 10 million from Trust Bank. He has unlawfully appointed his brother Iqbal as MD of the same bank while he is the Chairman. He is steering the furtive operation of multi million dollar business and transaction of Army without any credible check and balance.
The failure of our politicians is that inherited from our patriarch politician Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib, to identify and to eliminate national villains and enemies. Without removing poison teeth petting a Cobra is suicidal, our politicians recurrently failed to realise that. When our army was easily infiltrated and was being exorcised by Paki martial spirit through repatriated army officers, the then Government of Bangabandhu knew it. Bangabandhu,s conversation with journalist-politician Nirmal Sen (Mr. Sen disclosed it to the writer) on their way back to Dhaka attending passing out parade at Comilla Cantonment clearly hinted that Bangabandhu knew about the undercurrent and percolation within our nascent army. Then why he failed to act immediately? Was it his false confidence, his magnanimity, his ego or his miscalculation? The result brought a catastrophic end of short political life of independent Bangladesh and gave our turn-coat army a permanent handle to control our politics keeping democracy and democratic forces chronically hostage. In 1995 through another engineered election and with a futuristic long term plan, Sheikh Hasina was given a slim victory to form a minority government in alliance with General Ershad, thus burying the massive crimes and corruption, our army individuals and the organization have committed till the fall of Ershad. Sheikh Hasina, hanging at the edge of power, had very little choice other than courting this army and their cohorts in bureaucracy, in judiciary, in police, in religious institutions (Qari Obaed and like), in fact in every layer of the state. The Hasina Government even failed to see, in long five years in power, the normal passage of judicial system and execution of the court verdict against the killers of her own father, mother and all brothers. Nothing more is required to substantiate how little power Sheikh Hasina or her government could really wield. During Sheikh Hasina’s rule, I had the opportunity to meet hundreds of army officers and non-commissioned individuals who were deployed abroad on a UN peace mission. It is tragic, but true, I did not find a single officer or a Sipoy who has supported directly, indirectly or even mutely Sheikh Hasina. Rather, often, Hasina and even Mujib used to be blasted mercilessly in the discussions in loud and bitter words. The hatred was unanimous but causes were diverse, often vague and sometimes beneath taste – from Indian agent to ugly looking compared to her rival political figure. I remember spending sleepless nights discussing at length politics with our ex-chief of Army General Haroon, BP (then a Colonel on a foreign assignment). I was often frustrated as we had never concurrence of opinion, not even on liberation war. Now, would you still blame Hasina for not doing enough to reinstate and revitalise institutions and spirit of our liberation war while she was in power! Yet I still find it a very relevant debate, whether it was worth for Hasina staying in power for five years with eyes blindfolded, hands tied and face muzzled. Probably in 1999, I met AL leader Dr. Mustafa Jalal Mahiuddin in Mina, Saudi Arabia while performing Haj pilgrimage. Time and place were very much inappropriate though, but interest of both of us soon dragged us into brief political discussions. In reply to this question, the plain truths in his answer sounded very much logical to me. But, soon after, again the role of AL as an opposition political party did not support the idea that their short honeymoon in power and long experience of arduous and tragic political journey have taught them to develop any strategy to identify and to wage popular fight against enemy. None other than AL knows better the killer of democracy, killer of the spirit of liberation war, killer of our national history. Yet instead of writing obituary they always eulogise the direct culprits. In a country where self-confessed killers of minor child, pregnant woman and handicapped citizen can not be tried and executed in three decades, there, fear factors may brutally overpower national obligations of politicians. Therefore, while trumpeting the legendary corruption of Zia family and of erstwhile BNP government, Hasina, or her party, leave alone our left pundits, ever failed to pronounce the names like General ZI Khan, General Rezakul Haider or the octopus like DGFI who were the main architects and sole source of unlimited power which converted these individuals into Frankensteins of corruption. Ironically, this army, which invented and publicly spread the myth of modesty of General Zia, illegally allowed and protected Zia’s family to exercise political and financial activities living in the opulence of the palace in the cantonment. And, after twenty five years, the Zia family has been sadly abandoned in the dungeon, this time, publicly spreading partial legend of corruption (so far the wealth of mythical proportion of Tareq, Eskander and Shamim in Canada in Prairie and Toronto did not blip the radar of DUDAK) because of the political need of the same army.

Good indications for Zia family against all odds; Eskander fled Bangladesh along with family in broad day light, Zia is still revered as father of martial law in Bangladesh and as national hero, under the shroud of historical fallacies, at par Bangabandhu. Therefore a slight change in the direction of political wind and angles of stars will soon gracefully bring back all power and fortunes that Zia family has lost temporarily under the influence of orbiting Saturn. Democracy and democratic political forces will be the real casualties. Left puritans will certainly face extinction. And then, never-ending partying and feasting of vultures will begin.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


The court verdict against teachers of Rashahi University primarily implies the degree of independence our judiciary has been granted under the boots of the Generals. This verdict further dictates, from now on in Bangladesh, knowledge must bow to the muscle, narcissism will rule civility. And the verdict is the final manifesto that Bangladesh was created by the Generals and for the Generals and under God, the Generals are the sovereign and invincible, beyond the reach of any earthly law and their wishes are the legal bindings on all the citizens of Bangladesh.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


OCTOBER 09, 2007
Four decades have passed. Che, I see you occasionally; on the cover of an old Latin book, a withering portrait in a gift shop or on the tee of a young man prances by me, oblivious about himself. You are cool to many, an icon of style. If any of them would know a bit about you, Che. Now here is fall. Leaves are turning red, your favourite color. The color of revolution. The sky is glum today, October 09, 2007. I am sitting in a park, a sky of shining memories barricaded by the mundane and marginal existence of present. The wind still blows around me churning a hope within me. Che, I can see thousands of young souls prance by me singing in unison:
'We all are Che…We shall overcome someday….’

Monday, October 8, 2007


Fakhruddin Ahmed, the chief of Care Taker cohort is not as holy as you can see him in the photo, or as he sounds as an anti corruption crusader. Is he a Bangladeshi citizen? This question has come fore in the global discussion of Bangalees. His debut was very modest and holy, the chief adviser of caretaker government with constitutional mandate to hold a free and fair election within three months. Then he said corruption is the stumbling roadblock to hold election in three months. He declared election to be held in two years after eradication of corruption. Then he launched infamous ‘political reform’ with most corrupt and saleable political culprits in the forefront as the gravedigger of real politics. His musk started cracking. Chief of army Moeen U started delivering sermons on democracy. And slowly, the tentacles of this octopus and it’s local and international power base became ominously visible to Bangalees. At this point of time Bangalee started seeing the real dreadful face of a conspirator under the musk of an economist gentleman. If he is not a Bangladeshi citizen, or if he is a dual passport holder, can he legally hold this position! If he is Bangladeshi citizen, has he declared his assets and bank account to the Bangladesh Government agencies, or has he paid tax for his assets abroad. Please see hereunder the legal valuation document of one single property of Fakhhrudin Ahmed close to Washington DC which costs ONE AND HALF MILLION US DOLLAR. Will he ever be tried for his undeclared hidden wealth abroad. His masters, the Bangladesh army has always been elusive to law for their myriad of nefarious crimes; political assassinations, killing democracy, criminalizing politics and for amassing illegal fortunes through corruption.


Tax Roll Certification Date:12-31-2006
Owner Information Current Through:08-08-2007
County Last Updated:08-24-2007
Current Date:09/24/2007


Ownership Rights: TRUST
Absentee Owner: YES
Property Address: 10808 BRICKYARD CT
POTOMAC, MD 20854-1788
Mailing Address: 10722 PINE HEAVEN TER


Assessor's Parcel Number: FP21-0000-0000-0000D-0020
Zoning: RE2
Lot Size: 87120
Lot Acreage: 2.0000
Municipality: 10
Subdivision: POTOMAC RANCH
Plat Recording: Book 12316,
Legal Description: POTOMAC RANCH
Block Number: D
Lot Number: 20


Tax Year: 2006
Land Value: $704,000.00
Improvement Value: $800,670.00
Total Value: $1,504,670.00
Valuation Method: MARKET
Tax Amount: $10,416.99
Tax Code Area: 42


Building Type: RS0
Number of Buildings: 1
Year Built: 1995
Living Square Feet: 7773
Number of Bathrooms: 6.00
Full Baths: 5
Fireplace: YES
Number of Stories: 200
Style/Shape: CON
Construction Quality: EXCELLENT
Exterior Wall Type: BRICK
Heat: HA0


Sale Date: 05/28/1993
Sale Price: $305,000.00
Consideration: FULL
Recording Date: 06/08/1993
Recording Book/Page: Book11442, Page656


Recording Date: 09/08/1989

Call Westlaw CourtExpress at 1-877-DOC-RETR (1-877-362-7387)
to order copies of documents related to this or other matters.
Additional charges apply.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Please read the following to understand what is going on in bangladesh

Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI), an Invisible Government Within Care Taker Government Has Become Prime Barrier in the Road to Democracy, Independent of Judiciary, Economic Activities & Protection of Human Rights in Bangladesh Since 11 January, 2007.

Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) is an intelligence unit of Bangladesh Arm forces under the command of Maj. General Golam Mohammad as Director Genaral and Director (i) Brig. General Fazlul Bari (ii) Brig. General Amin. They are based in Dhaka Cantonment with cantonment wise network all over the country. Officially they have no legitimacy to interfere in to politics. But after August 15, 1975 the killing of democratic leader Bangabundhu Sheikh Muzibur Rahman army was in power under general Ziaur Rahman and Lt Genaral Hossain Mohammad Ershad and DGFI started to play vital role on behalf those army rulers to form kings parties like BNP of Ziaur Rahman and Jatio Party (JP) of Ershad. In forming those king parties the DGFI searched for corrupt politicians of various other political parties, brought them to their torture centre, put them in to threat of torture and institution of false cases against them unless they are joining the kings’ party. That was how Bangladesh nationalist Party (BNP) and Jatio Party (JP) were formed by the DGFI. In the present context the Army backed care taker government is actually led by Army. The army Chief Gen. Moyeen U Ahmed is announcing the state policies in various public forums. In the Background the DGFI is formulating those policies. The two persons of DGFI Brig. General Bari and Brig. General Amin are known as the hard core of those policy makers. Brig. General Bari is well known as a pioneer of extrajudicial killing of Rapid Action battalion (RAB) while he was Director of RAB and Mr. Anwarul Iqbal, Present Adviser of care taker Government was Director General of RAB. Both Brig. Gen. Bari and Amin are known as strong supporter of Jamat-E-Islami and closely linked with its Amir, Motiur Rahman Nizami.

The attitude of Present government clearly shows that they want to form an alliance of Jamat, Progressive Democracy Party (PDP), dissident factions of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Awami Leauge etc. The whole process is being manifested by those two Brig. Gen. of DGFI. They are abducting politicians, businessmen, lawyers and important personalities, putting them under severe torture to make statement as their own will and fabricating false cases against the targeted politicians specially Sheikh Hasina who is considered to be the only obstacle in the road to their evil design of breaking political parties to form their obedient alliance to promote Jamat-E- Islami in to power.

In the face of the demand of national and international communities the chief advisor Mr. Fakruddin Ahmed on 09.09.07 announced unconditional withdrawal ban on indoor politics. Immediately after the announcement of chief advisor some 11 points precondition on indoor politics were announced by Mr. Mainul Hossain, the law Advisor restricting in door politics all over the country except Dhaka. It is a common opinion of most of conscious citizen that those conditions were re-imposed by DGFI under the spokesman ship of the law advisor.

The design of such re imposition of the restriction is to stop the voice of root level leaders and worker of AL and BNP against the desired reformation of minus two theories by some selected central leaders. The economic activities have been damaged due to fear of illegal arrest and false cases against businessmen by the DGFI men on fabricated charges.

The judiciary is also put under threat in the name property statement called by Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) which is also headed by an ex army Chief Lt. Gen (rtd). Hasan Mashud Chowdhory, another pioneer of extra judicial killing in name of operation clean heart, while he was the army chief in 2003-05.

The DGFI is so much so exerting their unauthorized power that nobody knows when in the midnight whose doors are knocked and abducted to unknown destination at least for a few days before handing over to the police, then to jail for indefinite period without bail. The eminent professor of Dhaka University and Rajshahi University could not be saved from such allegation, late production to police and detained to jail for indefinite period.

To protect democracy the un-authorized political interference of DGFI must have to be stopped and emergency should be withdrawn immediately to create congenial atmosphere of political activities.

Note from Jagorook: This article proves how dreadful our army is. It also tells that elections in Bangladesh held in the past were all engineered by DGFI and ones will be held in future will also be engineered by DGFI. Time is ticking out to raise your voice against this ruthless GESTAPO, Bangladesh version.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The rise of a Mule from the ashes of a Phoenix

Matiur Rahman of Prathom Alo and Matiur Rahman of Ekata

Time has changed. So is this world. Some changes have linkage with past. Others are so rapid, so much opposing, that past can not hold the present. And, present can not recognize the past. The latter is Mr. Matiur Rahman, the editor of Prathom Alo and a stranger to his own past. His change is no less dramatic and devastating than the change that tore Soviet Union into pieces. The reasons of such incredible change of Matiur and of Soviet are the same, ‘Glasnost’, ‘Pestroika’, and the death of communism as an ideology. When communism was in vogue globally, then Matiur was the young communist intellectual, lives modestly in the poor suburban swath, splitting his time in organizing industrial workers and editing a weekly newspaper, enviably brave and enticing red “EKATA’. If any staff of Ekata, may it be a proof reader or an artist, is arrested, thousands of workers, with red flag afoot from Demra and Tongi, would seize Paltan square until the staff is released. If any congenitally Razakar or Khatib would dare raise his derelict finger against ‘Ekata’, the razor sharp words of Matiur would crash that dirty finger at ease.

Today, time has changed, mono-centric world is evolving around free market; moral strength, honest thinking and working class are the lethal enemy of capitalism. Once friend of poor, sheathe and spade; Matiur now is a skilful designer of sceptre, throne and crown. He cultivates his intellectual seeds in Prothom Alo, the elite newspaper of civil society which is steering the country towards the graveyard of democracy. And today, when a petty staff of Matiur, cartoonist Arifur Rahman, is unlawfully yanked from Prathom Alo office by police and thrown into dungeon, Matiur,s silence dreadfully contradicts his own past. The cry of handful of religious bigots compelled his conscience to walk to Islamic Foundation together with Barrister Goebbels, propaganda machine of third military rule in Bangladesh, sit on his knees and tearfully pleading mercy and forgiveness to Razakar Khatib of Baitul Mukarram. The lustre of a glorious past thus succumbs to the lust of a glamorous present.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A tribute to Awami League

Awami League now can proudly deserve a hat off salute from the nation as the over-half-century old political institution has again proved it’s painstaking adherence and consistent pursuit to it’s principle it set out the day it was born. The cry of it’s birth was for democracy. The journey, ever since, has never been a honeymoon experience to AL; often deadly minefield that the AL leadership and it’s supporters have been treading on. Democracy is the oxygen for it’s life while people are it’s heart bit.

Democracy when falls victim to conspiracy, domino effect first hits AL. Historically, AL is the perpetual enemy to the enemy of democracy. ‘Slaughterhouse democracy’; ‘Greenhouse democracy’, ‘Fundamental democracy’, ‘Winch back democracy’; we, the public of Bangladesh, have been experiencing variety of designers’ democracy since Pakistan era till today. These artificially flavoured politics with back up of guns, goons and money trail have always been doomed to failure due to straight public rejection. Lords of these conspiracy game plans have always found their inevitable destiny in the dang waste bins of history. These power hungry political mercenaries, whenever tried to devour democracy and dig grave for AL, public response was steadfast and fatal for these cliques. AL has been branded as enemy of the state, enemy of Islam, enemy of elites, enemy of reds. It suffered terror and conspiracy from outside and from surreptitious Mirzafars-in-disguise within the party, but all these vicious schemes have always boomeranged back to the conspirators, rather helped AL gain public confidence exponentially. When AL has been attacked, public perception makes no mistake to understand that our democracy is in peril.

Relentless persecution and endless torments have turned a Sheikh Mujib of AL to Bangabandhu of Bangalees to lead the nation to freedom. The brightest stars in the galaxy of Bangalees; Bangabandhu, Syed Nazrul, Tajuddin Ahmed, Mansur Ali, Qamaruzzaman, Moezuddin, ASM Kibria, Ivy Rahman – and myriads of known and unknown martyrs, by laying down their lives in different phases of our national struggle, have taught AL to cling to the root, to the people and to their struggle. AL studiously and faithfully learns from the people and uncompromisingly remains pledged to it’s genesis.

Since AL was born 58 years ago, it remained in power for only 8 years. The history of the rest 50 years is of sacrifice and of struggle for the people and alongside the people. And thus, in 58 years of journey, AL has become the lighthouse to the Bangalees in the stormy nights, the mirror of the nation, yet to bring home her spring harvest.

Friday, August 31, 2007


Election Commission (EC) has proposed a dialogue. AL leadership and other members of 14 party alliance have consistently declared their participation to dialogue is subject to removal of government sanctioned muzzle from indoor politics. Then political liabilities like Amir Hossain Amu, Mukul Bose are crying foul and trying to transplant themselves in the shoes of Mirzafars and Mushtaks. The survival strategy of Mr. Amu, with his popularity to his constituents in mind, is correct. The reality, that constantly haunts him, is that it is eternally absurd for him to walk through the threshold of Shangshad Bhaban as an elected representative. Therefore he is on the right track of getting some Halua Roti by licking his neo-master’s boot. The present Government has created a very congenial turf for the Mirzafars to play their skills. And the native dogs are also acting very hyper under the influence of early autumn.

Main stream left politicians have been playing a very constructive role so far. I think, now, they are treading wisely to remain close to the people. The fall of this army government will bring about an existence crisis for fundamentalists and army-bred green house parties like BNP, JP etc. and will open a new vista for anti-imperialist progressive forces in Bangladesh. It is now imperative for the left to get out of their hermetic strategy and to join a broad based coalition with Awami League and other pro-liberation political and socio-cultural organizations with a view to bringing about a permanent layout of democracy in our politics.

After August 19, when US, World Bank and IMF threw their support behind this Government, the so called self-tagged civil society remains hypocritically silent about violent lawless reaction of the government against public. Civil society, according to political science, remains integrated with national politics and acts actively in the event of national crisis. To the contrary, our civil society conspicuously paved the way for this government to power and their current imbecile nature indicates their hands in gloves in the conspiracy to destroy democratic institutions, bypass election and to install martial law in civilian outfit.

Since August 19, the present government is acting like a chameleon, changing identity from caretaker to interim to national to army placebo and then veers back to care-taker. The real identity of this government is that it is an un-constitutional government. It has granted itself time till end of 2008 to present the nation a fair election. As politics is being designed in Cantonment, so will be the election in 2008. Therefore no patriotic political force, under any situation, should swallow this lethal bait of EC. Rather we should precisely draw a roadmap and strategy to move forward and intensify our national struggle for the everlasting democracy in Bangladesh.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

‘Evil Force’ in the mind of chief commandant General Moeen U

A wrath to Democracy

The de facto chief of present government in jungle fatigue General Moeen in his first sermon at Shariatpur, since the popular student public massive uprise, has postulated conspiracy theory and invented hands of ‘evil force’ behind the mass protest who intended to destabilize the present government. This vocabulary is not unknown to Bangalees who heard or read about the legends of the Generals Ayub, Yahya, Zia and Ershad, the killers of democracy and ushers of martial law.

My first question, what are you doing in Shariatpur? Was it a relief operation or a political blitz? If it is apolitical, have you trespassed law and service code and are you treating the state as your own property? If it is humanitarian, can we demand the account; how much money spent for your flight to Shariatpur and for your security and reception versus the worth of your relief operation (in monetary scale)?

Mr General, life will not always be a bed of roses or like a honeymoon flight as it appears now. You have to reply all these questions sooner or later to the public. I have been receiving information from Bangladesh everyday. The style of raiding and breaking doors of civilian homes can be aptly described as “71 revisited”. I urge public to escalate action against all these barbaric incidents and knock the door of legal system nationally and internationally. While the government has sued 87000 individuals, public must sue this government for atrocities inflicted on each individual. Barrister Amiruls and Rokonuddins have cowardly surrendered to this government, but there are thousands of patriotic lawyers who will fight for the cause of distressed ones in every corridor of law and justice.

Now Mr. Moeen, let us talk about your spitting venom “evil forces tried to destabilize present government”, I have concurrence with your view. And at the end of this discussion you will see as I can see you are spitting venom vertically up in the air and your venom is likely falling back right on your head. That is the universal law of gravity. The only mandate of this Interim Government was to hold a viable election at the shortest possible time. They expanded their agenda and touched a very vital and critical issue ‘fight corruption’ which instantly swept the Government to the pinnacle of popularity. General Mashhud after assuming the position of chief of ACC went to Pakistan ironically to get trained on how to fight corruption. Public believed that Pakistan as the regional trail blazer could train best on ‘how to perpetuate martial law’ and least on anti-corruption crusade. Public shrugged off scepticism and were clapping the holy warriors who were sending Czars and knights of corruption behind the bar. But public scepticism about the intention of the Interim Government started crystallizing when co-brother of General Mashhud, Major Eskander along with full family flew out of Dhaka, Queen mother of all corruption remains free, unscathed along with her one star-corrupt prince son, brother Shamim, nephews etc. The main architects, who turned politics dysfunctional through corruption, terror and confrontation, were the chief of DGFI and few other Generals. They are enjoying life after mission accomplished, immune to the wrath of ACC or the holy war of the Government. Finally people opened their eyes in total disbelief seeing that old familiar hand again slowly extending it’s lethal fingers to strangulate the democratic political system of Bangladesh. This is the hand of Marshal Ayub Khan who branded Sheikh Mujib as ‘traitor’, 'corrupt' and 'agent of foreign force'. This is the hand of General Yahya who termed Mujib as ‘obstinate’. This is the blood soaked hand of General Zia who collaborated in killing of Mujib to make 'politics difficult for politicians' and to turn Bangladesh into a Pakistan’s satellite . This is the slimy hand of General Ershad who has finally buried morality, decency along with the spirit of liberation war.
Mr Moeen U, now you are controlling this government with much visible strings and baton. If this government fails, general people will loose democracy. Then you will grab the throne as martial king III surrounded by your military henchmen and civilian pet dogs like Mainul and Matin and moron like Gitiara. Therefore using principle of simple mathematics, martial law will come, you will win, democracy will retreat, people will be defeated. For how long, it will be yet to see. Therefore the question, who is the evil force to destabilize this government. Is it the public who sacrifice their blood flesh and souls to pull the chariot of democracy through the ups and downs of our history, or is it parasitical power-hungry leech which does not survive in democracy, to the contrary breeds and thrives in darkness of garrison, in swamp of corruption and intimately with fundamentalism, guns and goons. Now my friend, put your hand on your head. You will certainly find the venom of ‘evil force’ nesting there.

A friendly warning to you, millions of Venezuelans cordoned the cantonments and frustrated a military take over in Venezuela in 2002. I can see that percolation in public sentiment today. Your prisons will have no space and so will be your silky routes to Ganabhaban, swarmed by the millions of vanguards of democracy. Then my friend Moeen, will you be able to take a U turn!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hope winks in the abyss of despair

Chief Justice Mohammad Ruhul Amin: SC to rescue nation from any crisis

The Daily Star
Vol. 5 Num 1139
Sun. August 12, 2007

Front Page
SC to rescue nation from any crisisCJ says freedom of judge's mind a must for independent judiciary; political divide in judiciary deploredStaff CorrespondentThe Supreme Court judges will weigh in for sure to rescue the nation from any crisis, asserted Chief Justice Mohammad Ruhul Amin yesterday.
"I want to assure the nation that we will come forward. The Supreme Court played a role in the past at the critical juncture of the nation. It is doing so at present and will do so in future to pull the nation out of mire," the chief justice responded to concerns expressed at a seminar over prevailing crisis including call for reforms in judiciary.
But he said judges couldn't be compelled to work independently by enacting laws. "It has to be in their culture. If a judge is not committed to work freely, law cannot make him/her independent," Ruhul Amin told a seminar-- Judicial Reform and Independence of Judiciary-- attended by a host of judicial heavyweights including a former chief justice, leading jurists and judges.

The Daily Star
Vol. 5 Num 1140
Mon. August 13, 2007

My Lord, we beg to differ
But we share CJ's vision for a better higher judiciary
Mahfuz Anam
Chief Justice (CJ) of Bangladesh Mohammad Ruhul Amin said in a speech on Saturday, "The Supreme Court played a role in the past at critical junctures of the nation. It is doing so at the present and will also do so in the future to pull the nation out of mire." We most humbly beg to differ. Yes, there are many grand examples of the Supreme Court serving the nation in times of crises. However, there are just as many examples of when it did not. May we suggest with all due respect your high office demands and deserves, that if the Supreme Court had played such a role in the recent past then we would not be where we are today. Why after 15 years of democracy, however flawed, we needed an emergency to bring about the reforms that the nation needs so badly, which regrettably are becoming increasingly doubtful? Detail......

Friday, August 10, 2007


Intensify resistance to Martial Law - DU Campus takes the lead again....Detail
Also see Video footage of our heroes fighting the Army Police Invaders in the Campus---Detail
Amin Jute Mill

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Work for final burial of martial law and everlasting democracy in Bangladesh

Payam Akhavan
Associate Professor - Faculty of Law
McGill University

Professor Akhavan is representing Sheikh Hasina and taking her case to the Human Rights Commission of UN. We must work together globally to stage the final funeral of the Military Frankenstein in Bangladesh which lives on gulping democracy, secularism and human rights and breathes poison of communalism, corruption and imperialism.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Help marooned lives; not the Military & Puppy

A vast part of Bangladesh is inundated by flood water. Millions of marooned lives are threatened by starvation and waterborne diseases. Please extend your all out help to these distressed souls in need through local and international NGOs and UN agencies. General Moeen U and his puppy Fakruddin are busy doing photogenic relief operations and sending aid to them will help strengthen this anti-democracy clique. Please do not send your help to the illegitimate hands of this government.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Reform Bangladesh Army

Reform is the demand of this time. Present government started reform and it has touched almost every political and professional institutions except fundamentalist and financially the richest political party (money source lines are largely dubious and organizations like Islamic Bank) ‘Jamaat-E-Islami’ and the most powerful muscle flexing state institution Bangladesh Army. After it’s latest shameful step of silencing it’s eternal enemy number one; democratic, secular political institution Awami League, any sensible Bangalee will now look over the shoulder to see the sordid past of Bangladesh Army. It is true this army was created through our glorious liberation war, but soon it changed it’s spirit and identity and raced with time to be a clone of that of Pakistan. Naturally they have inherited their lust for power and enmity with democracy from their patriarch; Pakistan Army.

Bangladesh Army’s latest power grabbing venture started immediate after the fall of their predecessor General Ershad. They backed up their brain child BNP with Army intelligence, logistics and even Pakistan Army intelligence to whip up politics of confrontation and corruption. During 2001 – 2006 rule of BNP, climax was successfully attained with the direct help of DGFI to turn BNP as a corrupt, fundamentalist, fascist party. Riding on the over-whelming support of the public for anti-corruption drive and in the name of restoring democracy, the army soon bracketed total politics as a corrupt, dysfunctional institution of feuding elements. And who became the first scapegoat of the military exorcist; it is none other than Awami League, the oldest secular, democratic and progressive political institution of the country. In the meantime, coercing politicians with threat of imprisonment, military, like any other past military governments could buy the loyalty of few most corrupt politicians of both BNP and Awami League. The Army, in the name of political reform, has unleashed these cannibals and Mirzafars to gulp down Awami League and BNP. Why destruction of BNP is needed? Usefulness of BNP as a tool with it’s pro-Pakistan, pro-Islamic philosophy is over. Now brand new formation of political fa├žade is required with eclectic political corrupts and with the varnish of Liberation war and Bangabandhu. What a surreptitious but ingenious design to befool public. Heads of corrupt politicians are purchasable commodity but not public perception. Public now realises the design and objective of so called anti corruption and reform campaign of military and the constitutionally illegal interim government (Hatchery of Conspiracy). Now we, the public demand reform of Bangladesh Army on following points –

- Provision must be added to the constitution to declare any direct or indirect meddling of Bangladesh Army in politics as an act of high treason.
- Any individual, serving in the military discipline, involves himself in politics, or hinders democratic process in any means must be tried in open civil court and provision of steep punishment must be sanctioned for this kind of felony.
- Army must be restructured to align itself with the political and cultural history of Bangladesh and Bangalee, and also to train to serve under the command of democratic government.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


We, all the Bangalees, must act now globally for the following demands:
- Release Sheikh Hasina
- Withdraw Emergency Act
- The Power and size of Bangladesh Army must be clipped constitutionally
- Trial of Present Army Hierarchy for meddling in national politics, impeding democracy and conspiracy against distinguished politicians and political institutions.
- No election under emergency and under the supervision of present Illegal Interim Government and their appointed EC
- The Chief of Anti Corruption is an agent of Pakistan and Jammat. General Mashoud must go.

To press home these legitimate demands;
- all the Bangalees should immediately stop remittiance to Bangladesh
- all Bangalees should write to UN Secretary General to cancel all peace mission assignment of Bangladesh Army for their alleged meddling into public politics to liquidate democratic process and institutions

All the Banglalees all over the world unite and launch from a untied platform intense campaign to dislodge this Army Fakruddin clique and to restore democracy in Bangladesh.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


I would like to focus on a very ominous development in Bangladesh; third wonder that is slowly but steadily advancing in the political landscape of Bangladesh. The Chief of Army, once declared celibacy from politics, is now regularly delivering political sermons gracing the centre stage of specially arranged seminars. Security Council (de facto Martial Law) is days away from commissioning. EC has delivered election,08 roadmap which appears to be pitching for a designed election under the alert eyes of the powerfuls and very much under the shackle of emergency rule. What a fest of Democracy! The reactions of Boot-licker reformists and battered political parties give a clear picture about this grand design. Mark it, in Beijing and Moscow, wow! it is now wonderful summer bloom. So our Marxists and Leninists are on vacation and naturally all quiet in that front of vanguards and Bolsheviks. Therefore please be prepared for at least another decade of living and enjoying fiesta of Garrison Democracy. Inshalah it will be a carbon copy of our brother Musharraf's democracy in Pakistan.

After Zia and Ershad now the Third Reign of another left-right General for at least a decade. Oh Bangalee! all your hopes and dreams are abandoning you again!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Legacy of Martial law and Democracy grown in Garrison

Bangalee is a rare genre of nation which feels ecstatic seeing calamity like 'martial law' or 'emergency' gulping the nation. Again, soon eulogy turns into agony, optimism turns into despair, and national hero reduces to zero - anything is possible and visible in capricious history of Bangladesh where truth can be hardly differentiated from the false. If we consider Bangladesh Army as clone of patriarch Pakistan, how contradictory it is with the eulogy often heard in the mass media these days portraying our army as true flag bearer of our liberation war and saviour of the nation in critical juncture of history.

Direct participation of army in our politics started on the ominous morning of August 15, 1975. Without mincing words or muzzling plain truth, Ziaur Rahman spearheaded that campaign. Dissecting ethics from politics and turning it as a saleable commodity was his only achievement. When the killers of women and children were medalled as national hero by him, he has been, till today, worshipped by his successors as hero at par with Mujib and Bhashani in our history. As an able heir of legacy of martial law, Zia crashed secularism and added Islamic placebo to state policy for political expediency. Bangladeshi nationalism was uniquely invented by this Army General with a view to stripping Bangalee nation of her culture, heritage and history.

The next hero of martial law is Hussain Ershad , unlike his ruthless guru General Zia, he earned the reputation of an acclaimed debonair and a poet in his own right. He has successfully completed the incomplete historical task bestowed upon him by his martyr guru to turn secular Bangladesh into a fundamentalist state and to turn Bangalee into Bangladeshi. Yet Ershad,s position in the history is not at par with his guru, because his image was not of a blood-thirsty warrior, rather a Lt. General poet with extraordinary taming skill of the shrew. He is still alive, marginalized human but living in opulence of unlimited corruption. His guru has got martyrdom.

The third advent of martial law (civil version) took place, amid much funfair and upsurge of national optimism, on January 11, 2007 under the command of General Moin, a World Bank cadre Fakruddin in the forefront as dummy and two demagogues; ex-General Matin and Barrister Mainul as civilian stooges. This martial law is evangelized with only agenda to uproot corruption from every sphere of nation. A day after the promulgation of emergency, none other than Tofael Ahmed, a name synonymous with the history of our independence, gave an interview to BBC in a trembling emotion choked voice eulogizing this clique as saviour of our nation. I was numbed. . Only four months have passed since. Mr. Tofael Ahmed, our political leader of unparallel stature – is your eulogy too soon turning into haunting nightmare! I wonder.

First political stunt of the bossman was to decry the nation for failing to recognize father of the nation. Confused and carried away, a pro-liberation friend of mine soon sent me a brief message bitterly denouncing my scepticism about the current affairs in the country and my obstinacy about abhorring uniform in politics. Second bombshell was photo collage of national heroes at parade ground on Independence Day. I considered it as the funeral of our history, when a formerly pseudo-communist and now a civil society agent, editor of a popular Bengali daily dubbed it as true portrait of our history. My friends of hope remained silent and baffled. Recently from a podium shared with North America based political theory-monger Dr. Zillur Rahman Khan, General Moin has hinted of a special recipe of democracy to cure the ills of our nation. The first monumental step towards that was to induct Dr. Yunus into politics. A giant leap of respectable Dr.Yunus like a lion into empty political arena protected by emergency law and soon cowering like a mouse back to old business den was the first crack and proof of strategic incompetence of the Generals and their cadres. Congenitally doomed Minus Two theory drove a fatal wage into the crack. The series of events; the ordeal of Hasina in exile, Khaleda under eviction threat, government’s denial of involvement, arrest and release of Koko, imposition of reforms on political parties, tall talks in seminars and zero progress on the ground on holding a fair election etc. have started activating the thought process of individual Bangalee – what is there under the wrap!

The status of city Mayors Qamran, Mahiuddin, Minu, Tyeb, Sarwar and Khoka gives a clear sense how deeply this anti-graft campaign is laced with partisan politics. What is the mesh size of the anti-graft dragnet! Is it a single dragnet or multi sized! Mahiuddin Khan Alamgir is in the prison, Syed Iskander along with family, couple of days ago, flew to UK for leisure and participation in family events. What about Obaidul, Jalil and so on, or, how about General Ershad, Shahjahan Omar, Aminul, Shamim Eskander and so on. The initial balance between the campaigns of anti-graft and anti-politics is now totally lost. The only sworn motto of this government to eradicate corruption is now tailgating their political agenda. And the agenda is to incubate a genetically modified political party with a manifesto of democracy grown in the green house. In fact, from Tareq to Mayor Mahiuddin, under the pretext of house cleaning thousands detained for political strategy and soon will be used as pawns on political chess game. To substantiate this claim look at Pakistan, our patriarch of martial law.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Leaflet Bangalees in Toronto handed down to Canadians to build opinion against Killer Mahiuddin



ON AUGUST 15, 1975


The then elected President of Bangladesh, revered by millions as the greatest Bengali of all time.


The wife of the President
His two adult sons and
Their wives; one of them was pregnant and begged mercy to the killers for the sake of the unborn
His 10 years old son
His handicapped brother

Mohiuddin, the mastermind and confessed participant of that carnage is awaiting extradition from USA to Bangladesh to face law for his alleged crime. His family is desperately trying to mislead Canadian Government with concocted information that He will be taken from Tarmac to execution once he reaches Bangladesh. The fact is that none of the convicts of this case in custody has been executed so far and every convict yet has the right to appeal against individual’s verdict in the court.

Millions of Bangladeshis living around the globe want this perpetrator to go back to Bangladesh and face justice of law. Please join our effort to resist this alleged criminal from entering into our sweet homeland Canada evading law of his own country. Email or call the Immigration Minister of Canada today to convey your message:
mozammel.khan@sheridanc.on.ca; manirul@rogers.com; fatemolla@hotmail.com; amalikcdn@yahoo.com; nasirudduza@gmail.com


Late Dr. Nurul Ula, Professor, Electrical Department, BUET became famous for his documentary on genocide at Jagannath Hall that took place on early morning of March 26, 1971. He shot this film from the window of his BUET residence at Palashi on that fateful morning and immediately this documentary was smuggled out of the country which gave UN and the world first glimpse of genocide committed by Pakistani invading forces. I have had the rare opportunity to spend a good length of time and hear many untold issues and events of our political history from this legendary personality when we both were in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He was professor of King Abdul Aziz University while I was working in Ministry of Electricity and that was the time from 1981 till 1986. Dr. Nurul Ula, who had a place in the household of Bangabandhu as a family member, claimed to have received unlimited affection and blessing of Bangabandhu. In early March, 1971 one morning Bangabandhu asked Dr. Nurul Ula to install a Radio wireless system in the house of Bangabandhu at Road 32, Dhanmondi. Bangabandhu expressed his intention to communicate with and give directives to his party leaders in Chittagong through this radio if situation would demand. Accordingly with the help of equipment of BUET communication lab Dr Nurul Ula could establish radio communication between Bangabandhu house and the leadership of Chittagong Awami League. I do not clearly remember which radio station was used in Chittagong. And according to Dr Nurul Ula, Bangabandhu could establish radio contact with Mr Hannan, leader of Chittagong Awami League immediate before he was arrested by invading forces in early morning of March 26, 1971 and asked Mr. Hannan to promulgate independence of Bangladesh in favour of Bangabandhu.