Thursday, July 19, 2007


We, all the Bangalees, must act now globally for the following demands:
- Release Sheikh Hasina
- Withdraw Emergency Act
- The Power and size of Bangladesh Army must be clipped constitutionally
- Trial of Present Army Hierarchy for meddling in national politics, impeding democracy and conspiracy against distinguished politicians and political institutions.
- No election under emergency and under the supervision of present Illegal Interim Government and their appointed EC
- The Chief of Anti Corruption is an agent of Pakistan and Jammat. General Mashoud must go.

To press home these legitimate demands;
- all the Bangalees should immediately stop remittiance to Bangladesh
- all Bangalees should write to UN Secretary General to cancel all peace mission assignment of Bangladesh Army for their alleged meddling into public politics to liquidate democratic process and institutions

All the Banglalees all over the world unite and launch from a untied platform intense campaign to dislodge this Army Fakruddin clique and to restore democracy in Bangladesh.

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