Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Reform Bangladesh Army

Reform is the demand of this time. Present government started reform and it has touched almost every political and professional institutions except fundamentalist and financially the richest political party (money source lines are largely dubious and organizations like Islamic Bank) ‘Jamaat-E-Islami’ and the most powerful muscle flexing state institution Bangladesh Army. After it’s latest shameful step of silencing it’s eternal enemy number one; democratic, secular political institution Awami League, any sensible Bangalee will now look over the shoulder to see the sordid past of Bangladesh Army. It is true this army was created through our glorious liberation war, but soon it changed it’s spirit and identity and raced with time to be a clone of that of Pakistan. Naturally they have inherited their lust for power and enmity with democracy from their patriarch; Pakistan Army.

Bangladesh Army’s latest power grabbing venture started immediate after the fall of their predecessor General Ershad. They backed up their brain child BNP with Army intelligence, logistics and even Pakistan Army intelligence to whip up politics of confrontation and corruption. During 2001 – 2006 rule of BNP, climax was successfully attained with the direct help of DGFI to turn BNP as a corrupt, fundamentalist, fascist party. Riding on the over-whelming support of the public for anti-corruption drive and in the name of restoring democracy, the army soon bracketed total politics as a corrupt, dysfunctional institution of feuding elements. And who became the first scapegoat of the military exorcist; it is none other than Awami League, the oldest secular, democratic and progressive political institution of the country. In the meantime, coercing politicians with threat of imprisonment, military, like any other past military governments could buy the loyalty of few most corrupt politicians of both BNP and Awami League. The Army, in the name of political reform, has unleashed these cannibals and Mirzafars to gulp down Awami League and BNP. Why destruction of BNP is needed? Usefulness of BNP as a tool with it’s pro-Pakistan, pro-Islamic philosophy is over. Now brand new formation of political fa├žade is required with eclectic political corrupts and with the varnish of Liberation war and Bangabandhu. What a surreptitious but ingenious design to befool public. Heads of corrupt politicians are purchasable commodity but not public perception. Public now realises the design and objective of so called anti corruption and reform campaign of military and the constitutionally illegal interim government (Hatchery of Conspiracy). Now we, the public demand reform of Bangladesh Army on following points –

- Provision must be added to the constitution to declare any direct or indirect meddling of Bangladesh Army in politics as an act of high treason.
- Any individual, serving in the military discipline, involves himself in politics, or hinders democratic process in any means must be tried in open civil court and provision of steep punishment must be sanctioned for this kind of felony.
- Army must be restructured to align itself with the political and cultural history of Bangladesh and Bangalee, and also to train to serve under the command of democratic government.

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