Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Please read the following to understand what is going on in bangladesh

Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI), an Invisible Government Within Care Taker Government Has Become Prime Barrier in the Road to Democracy, Independent of Judiciary, Economic Activities & Protection of Human Rights in Bangladesh Since 11 January, 2007.

Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) is an intelligence unit of Bangladesh Arm forces under the command of Maj. General Golam Mohammad as Director Genaral and Director (i) Brig. General Fazlul Bari (ii) Brig. General Amin. They are based in Dhaka Cantonment with cantonment wise network all over the country. Officially they have no legitimacy to interfere in to politics. But after August 15, 1975 the killing of democratic leader Bangabundhu Sheikh Muzibur Rahman army was in power under general Ziaur Rahman and Lt Genaral Hossain Mohammad Ershad and DGFI started to play vital role on behalf those army rulers to form kings parties like BNP of Ziaur Rahman and Jatio Party (JP) of Ershad. In forming those king parties the DGFI searched for corrupt politicians of various other political parties, brought them to their torture centre, put them in to threat of torture and institution of false cases against them unless they are joining the kings’ party. That was how Bangladesh nationalist Party (BNP) and Jatio Party (JP) were formed by the DGFI. In the present context the Army backed care taker government is actually led by Army. The army Chief Gen. Moyeen U Ahmed is announcing the state policies in various public forums. In the Background the DGFI is formulating those policies. The two persons of DGFI Brig. General Bari and Brig. General Amin are known as the hard core of those policy makers. Brig. General Bari is well known as a pioneer of extrajudicial killing of Rapid Action battalion (RAB) while he was Director of RAB and Mr. Anwarul Iqbal, Present Adviser of care taker Government was Director General of RAB. Both Brig. Gen. Bari and Amin are known as strong supporter of Jamat-E-Islami and closely linked with its Amir, Motiur Rahman Nizami.

The attitude of Present government clearly shows that they want to form an alliance of Jamat, Progressive Democracy Party (PDP), dissident factions of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Awami Leauge etc. The whole process is being manifested by those two Brig. Gen. of DGFI. They are abducting politicians, businessmen, lawyers and important personalities, putting them under severe torture to make statement as their own will and fabricating false cases against the targeted politicians specially Sheikh Hasina who is considered to be the only obstacle in the road to their evil design of breaking political parties to form their obedient alliance to promote Jamat-E- Islami in to power.

In the face of the demand of national and international communities the chief advisor Mr. Fakruddin Ahmed on 09.09.07 announced unconditional withdrawal ban on indoor politics. Immediately after the announcement of chief advisor some 11 points precondition on indoor politics were announced by Mr. Mainul Hossain, the law Advisor restricting in door politics all over the country except Dhaka. It is a common opinion of most of conscious citizen that those conditions were re-imposed by DGFI under the spokesman ship of the law advisor.

The design of such re imposition of the restriction is to stop the voice of root level leaders and worker of AL and BNP against the desired reformation of minus two theories by some selected central leaders. The economic activities have been damaged due to fear of illegal arrest and false cases against businessmen by the DGFI men on fabricated charges.

The judiciary is also put under threat in the name property statement called by Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) which is also headed by an ex army Chief Lt. Gen (rtd). Hasan Mashud Chowdhory, another pioneer of extra judicial killing in name of operation clean heart, while he was the army chief in 2003-05.

The DGFI is so much so exerting their unauthorized power that nobody knows when in the midnight whose doors are knocked and abducted to unknown destination at least for a few days before handing over to the police, then to jail for indefinite period without bail. The eminent professor of Dhaka University and Rajshahi University could not be saved from such allegation, late production to police and detained to jail for indefinite period.

To protect democracy the un-authorized political interference of DGFI must have to be stopped and emergency should be withdrawn immediately to create congenial atmosphere of political activities.

Note from Jagorook: This article proves how dreadful our army is. It also tells that elections in Bangladesh held in the past were all engineered by DGFI and ones will be held in future will also be engineered by DGFI. Time is ticking out to raise your voice against this ruthless GESTAPO, Bangladesh version.

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its not the fault of our is the fault of our party leaders they only know how to make profit by defeating another party in elections they do not try to improve the conditions of the normal peoples .................