Sunday, September 16, 2007

A tribute to Awami League

Awami League now can proudly deserve a hat off salute from the nation as the over-half-century old political institution has again proved it’s painstaking adherence and consistent pursuit to it’s principle it set out the day it was born. The cry of it’s birth was for democracy. The journey, ever since, has never been a honeymoon experience to AL; often deadly minefield that the AL leadership and it’s supporters have been treading on. Democracy is the oxygen for it’s life while people are it’s heart bit.

Democracy when falls victim to conspiracy, domino effect first hits AL. Historically, AL is the perpetual enemy to the enemy of democracy. ‘Slaughterhouse democracy’; ‘Greenhouse democracy’, ‘Fundamental democracy’, ‘Winch back democracy’; we, the public of Bangladesh, have been experiencing variety of designers’ democracy since Pakistan era till today. These artificially flavoured politics with back up of guns, goons and money trail have always been doomed to failure due to straight public rejection. Lords of these conspiracy game plans have always found their inevitable destiny in the dang waste bins of history. These power hungry political mercenaries, whenever tried to devour democracy and dig grave for AL, public response was steadfast and fatal for these cliques. AL has been branded as enemy of the state, enemy of Islam, enemy of elites, enemy of reds. It suffered terror and conspiracy from outside and from surreptitious Mirzafars-in-disguise within the party, but all these vicious schemes have always boomeranged back to the conspirators, rather helped AL gain public confidence exponentially. When AL has been attacked, public perception makes no mistake to understand that our democracy is in peril.

Relentless persecution and endless torments have turned a Sheikh Mujib of AL to Bangabandhu of Bangalees to lead the nation to freedom. The brightest stars in the galaxy of Bangalees; Bangabandhu, Syed Nazrul, Tajuddin Ahmed, Mansur Ali, Qamaruzzaman, Moezuddin, ASM Kibria, Ivy Rahman – and myriads of known and unknown martyrs, by laying down their lives in different phases of our national struggle, have taught AL to cling to the root, to the people and to their struggle. AL studiously and faithfully learns from the people and uncompromisingly remains pledged to it’s genesis.

Since AL was born 58 years ago, it remained in power for only 8 years. The history of the rest 50 years is of sacrifice and of struggle for the people and alongside the people. And thus, in 58 years of journey, AL has become the lighthouse to the Bangalees in the stormy nights, the mirror of the nation, yet to bring home her spring harvest.

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