Friday, August 31, 2007


Election Commission (EC) has proposed a dialogue. AL leadership and other members of 14 party alliance have consistently declared their participation to dialogue is subject to removal of government sanctioned muzzle from indoor politics. Then political liabilities like Amir Hossain Amu, Mukul Bose are crying foul and trying to transplant themselves in the shoes of Mirzafars and Mushtaks. The survival strategy of Mr. Amu, with his popularity to his constituents in mind, is correct. The reality, that constantly haunts him, is that it is eternally absurd for him to walk through the threshold of Shangshad Bhaban as an elected representative. Therefore he is on the right track of getting some Halua Roti by licking his neo-master’s boot. The present Government has created a very congenial turf for the Mirzafars to play their skills. And the native dogs are also acting very hyper under the influence of early autumn.

Main stream left politicians have been playing a very constructive role so far. I think, now, they are treading wisely to remain close to the people. The fall of this army government will bring about an existence crisis for fundamentalists and army-bred green house parties like BNP, JP etc. and will open a new vista for anti-imperialist progressive forces in Bangladesh. It is now imperative for the left to get out of their hermetic strategy and to join a broad based coalition with Awami League and other pro-liberation political and socio-cultural organizations with a view to bringing about a permanent layout of democracy in our politics.

After August 19, when US, World Bank and IMF threw their support behind this Government, the so called self-tagged civil society remains hypocritically silent about violent lawless reaction of the government against public. Civil society, according to political science, remains integrated with national politics and acts actively in the event of national crisis. To the contrary, our civil society conspicuously paved the way for this government to power and their current imbecile nature indicates their hands in gloves in the conspiracy to destroy democratic institutions, bypass election and to install martial law in civilian outfit.

Since August 19, the present government is acting like a chameleon, changing identity from caretaker to interim to national to army placebo and then veers back to care-taker. The real identity of this government is that it is an un-constitutional government. It has granted itself time till end of 2008 to present the nation a fair election. As politics is being designed in Cantonment, so will be the election in 2008. Therefore no patriotic political force, under any situation, should swallow this lethal bait of EC. Rather we should precisely draw a roadmap and strategy to move forward and intensify our national struggle for the everlasting democracy in Bangladesh.

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