Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Motia Chowdhury: ‘Banga Kanya’, The Daughter of Bangladesh

A nation, developed, developing or underdeveloped, can boast a few patriots of Motia’s calibre. For Bangladesh, it is only Motia, a loner and the brightest in her orbit which is unparallel. She is humble and serene like the nature of Bangladesh, yet so feisty like a monsoon river on the street of protests. When patriotism and honesty were traded for comfort and wealth by the once valiant heroes of our political past, they gradually lost their moral shelter and repugnantly transformed into a herd of rats, bats and mules. But to Motia, virtues and reasons are the irreversible concept of life. That concept lures her to the street, gives her strength to barricade the goliath of evils for the protection of her kinfolk. Every starved person of her country is her kin. Therefore when she stands in the line for rice and waits for hours oblivious of scorching sun and weariness of recent ailment, she reflects one of the millions, famished. Will the children fall asleep hungry tonight – that is her only agony now. She is Motia, the ‘Agni Kanya’ evolved through age and experience to become ‘Banga Kanya’, the daughter of Bangladesh.

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