Sunday, May 4, 2008


Recent comment of Sheikh Hasina on whitening black money by Dr. Kamal has created few ripples in the frigid political lake of Bangladesh. Public perception has, long ago, dumped Dr. Kamal as a politician. But we, the educated class, the sour milk of Civil Society, could not discover his duplicity until the nation was struck by the one-eleven conspiracy.

In fact in every critical juncture of our nation, his role has been largely obscured in mystery and often in conflict with his projected image. In 60s, as a rookie politician, he was parachuted into Awami League politics by an alliance of national and international interest groups to derail the forward march of Bangalee nationalism saturated with socialism and secularism. His role in 1971, 1975 and most recent pre and post one-eleven political contradictions bare his true political fangs. His latest joint venture political ploy, with prolific partners like Badruddoza, Sirajul Alam Khan, Ershad, Yunus and the civil-military bureaucracy, stokes public fear of lethal future of our democracy. He is the team lead to design and develop a greenhouse democracy which will be grown in the garrison and harvested by the army Generals. In this new role he had emerged as a ‘political cannibal’ by spearheading conspiracy of eliminating Awami League from political landscape of Bangladesh.

He is undoubtedly a much respected professional figure which gave him leverage to earn huge fortune. A list of his national and international corporate clientele would not only manifest his professional acumen, but also would help one map his political clout in international arena. Evading tax is corporate culture and Dr. Kamals are paid heftily to give this culture legitimacy. While he himself became a tax dodger, Badruddoza, his political partner, found no foul play in it. It is statistically true that Dr. Kamal is a merely a mole with respect to Giasuddins.

As opposed to his ever flourishing legal career, his political career in democracy has reached nadir. Geriatric reality, negligible public support and craving for throne; either one or all of these factors have persuaded him to ride on the Trojan horse to gallop to power.

Bangabandhu used to confide in Dr. Kamal. So did Bangabandhu in Mushtaque as well, while distancing himself from Tajuddin. Due to those political lapses of Bangabandhu, misfortune not only struck him and his family, it devoured the whole nation. The saddest reality is, the architects of our national calamities, like Dr Kamal, can be likened to mythical Chameleon, who can escape every national crisis unscathed and emerge from each crisis in new color and vigour.


khandaker said...

I applogize for my ignorance, can anyone give me any proff of Dr. Kamal's tax evasion or whitening of black money?


If you want black and white proof, NBR will be your best bet.

Anonymous said...

Thx. I thought you have read in some paper that he has made some black money white.